CropAudit was developed to enable Americans to make confident and healthful food choices.

The USDA and the EPA play critical roles in the monitoring and regulation of pesticide use in crops. Annual reports are released that detail nationwide crop testing results and efforts made towards ensuring consumer safety. While full of valuable information, these reports can be cumbersome and difficult for non-experts to understand. The proper dissemination of this information to the public, directly or via the media and news outlets, is vital for encouraging consumers to make informed decisions regarding food selections and to rationally assess public policy regarding pesticide use.

CropAudit transforms inaccessible information produced by the USDA's Pesticide Data Program into multi-dimensional visualizations and summary tables that quickly communicate the magnitude and the trending of pesticide detections in crops, along with their closeness to EPA-established safety thresholds. This provides the means for consumers to easily explore and understand the safety of US crops, while avoiding problems associated with third-party interpretation biases.

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