USDA Pesticide Data 1992-2012

The number of samples collected for each commodity is specified, along with the number of samples with any pesticide detections.

For pesticide detections that exceed the safety level established by the EPA (specific to commodity and year) the number of samples is specified, along with the number which were grown outside the United States.

CommoditySample TotalDetectionsOver EPA limitOver EPA limit, foreignYear
Almonds361281  07
Almonds186110  08
Apple Juice729289  02
Apple Juice36865  07
Apple Juice37256  08
Apple Juice179119  96
Apple Juice689463  97
Apple Juice694439  98
Apple Juice396186  12
Apple Sauce358173  02
Apple Sauce744691  06
Apples184145  00
Apples736671  01
Apples5565081 02
Apples744118  03
Apples744727  04
Apples743727  05
Apples7447273 09
Apples618507  92
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