Aggregated USDA Pesticide Data 1992-2012

For each commodity, data were aggregated from all years the commodity was included in the USDA PDP.

The total number of samples collected for each commodity is specified, along with the number of samples with any pesticide detections.

For pesticide detections that exceed the safety level established by the EPA (specific to commodity and year) the number of samples is specified, along with the number which were grown outside the United States.

The percentage of samples over the EPA tolerance limit to total samples tested is displayed on the right.

Commodities are listed in descending order with respect to the percent over the EPA tolerance.

CommoditySample TotalDetectionsOver EPA limitOver EPA limit, foreign
Apple Juice34271617  
Apple Sauce1102864  
Apples-Single Servings14631345  
Asparagus Canned3549  
Baby Food - Applesauce396197  
Baby Food - Carrots7923  
Baby Food - Green Beans776402  
Baby Food - Peaches777589  
Baby Food - Pears776726  
Baby Food - Peas3951  
Baby Food - Sweet Potatoes77612  
Beef Adipose884444  
Beef Liver6241  
Beef Muscle91152  
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