These days, many folks are looking for attention, just like little children would do with their moms and dads. Being on social media these days is kids’ stuff indeed, and in more ways than one. Let’s explain this then for those who rarely go there. Social media means just what it says. It is an online space where folks from all walks of life and of all ages can come together and meet and greet and have a pretty good time. This is highly convenient for many folks who are having what they like to call hectic lifestyles. They can check in and check out of their favorite social media platform over a few short minutes and then get back to work.

They can get back to reality. But even then, they are still on their social media dashboards, even while still working, like kids’ eating out of their lunch tins under the hoods of their desk while lessons are in progress. It’s all kids’ stuff because even these school kids are on social media. And younger kids not yet at school are nowadays quickly able to work out how to open an account. Imagine dad’s surprise when he has discovered that his bank balance has gone way, way down. He finds out later that his five year old daughter has gone and booked herself an all expenses paid holiday at Disneyland.

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Or Disneyworld, Down in Florida or across the ocean and nearby Paris. One of the best known social media spaces is that of YouTube. Long before social media was the normal that it is today, this channel was already making its way into people’s lives across the planet – men, women, children, of all ages and all walks of life were on. Young and old, rich or poor, it doesn’t matter, today pretty much everyone can get on board. They can get noticed pretty quickly too. Provided dad’s bank account hasn’t been cleaned out yet, he can buy YouTube views.

It is what it says it is. Let us explain this quickly to those rare specimens who hardly spend time online and go to social media chat rooms. YouTube views are like bait on a hook. It’s like the pied piper calling the kids out to play. The more YouTube views he tunes, the more people will be watching his videos. The better the bait, the more fish the erstwhile angler can reel in. As to what kind of fish, well, that’s another story. YouTube views reel in every kind of person under the sun. You’ll never really know who they are. All you’ll know is that there’s plenty of fish in the sea and they are checking into your video.

You can find out who’s who in the zoo. To do this you can buy YouTube comments. ┬áKids will play nicely. There’ll be no arguments and only nice comments will be made about the big buck’s video.